Projects Building On Polkadot

Here is a thread to post your project if you are building on Polkadot.

Feel free to also mention projects already doing this aggregation effort. My guess is that soon enough it will be difficult to keep an eye on everything happening in the Polkadot ecosystem so having a quick an easy way to share these projects with the world does have a pretty high advantage imo.

No entry barrier, anyone is welcome to post and comment.

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“Here are the Most Exciting Projects Building on Polkadot” - article by

W3F Forum: Teams building on Polkadot - thread deprecated it seems


:red_circle:DOTspot - A community ran news and project list aggregator for open source community contributions

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Interesting threat AdrienBe. I am a learner and interested in a DeFi Project to be launched on Polkadot. Briefly tell me, for my and others knowledge, what are the key benefits of launching a project on Polkadot vs Ethereum or any other platform. If this is OK for you to contribute. If not, that’s fine. Thanks.

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Hello @abdumail thanks for your question.

The key reason at the moment is that Polkadot has already solved technical problems that Ethereum is still grappling with. These being most notably scalability and upgradability. Polkadot can scale indefinitely in parallel via parachains and can be upgraded without a hard fork unlike Ethereum.

That said, the intention for polkadot is to develop a bridge as a means of interoperability between other siloed blockchains like Ethereum. If this happens–and I think it will–they will not be in direct competition with each other but instead compliment each other with their unique strengths.

Good luck with your project, which ever tool stack you choose!


Wow I didn’t know about this one! Thanks for sharing. And thanks @AdrienBe for starting this thread!

Many thanks windylion for your reply. Best Wishes to Polkadot and hopefully becomes a complement to Ethereum.

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