Polkadot Summit 24' - Boosting the Developer Experience

Small note that crowdloans as a possibility are not going anywhere, the actual implementation provided by the Polkadot is going away. An existing parachain or smart contract can fairly easily re-introduce a similar mechanism, now even with more flexibility thanks to coretime. @shawntabrizi elaborates on this in his recent interview here.

I am seeing a few great DF proposals from the ecosystem raised to improve this, such as this and this. Yet, as core engineers at Parity, we are also working on much better low level rust-docs that cover fundamental topics, alongside key guides that cover important user journeys. We hope that these baseline documents can act as the source of truth for more ecosystem teams to reliably build tutorials without going out of date. You can learn more about this effort here. I hope some changes are already present, for example most FRMAE macros now have much better api docs that showcase all possible syntax variations. I will provide a more detailed update on this in a separate thread soon.

I am usually positively surprised when I see all the great people actively maintaining https://substrate.stackexchange.com/ and, in case anyone is not using it already, I want to pose it as the first community step. Also raising the fact that the next community moderator election for our SE is in a few weeks. :eyes:

For more technical matters, We have pinned two issues to the polkadot-sdk tracker list, where developers can link and upvote the issues that they think deserves more attention. Much more can be done regarding feedback though, no doubt in that. This is a simple shoestring approach for the short term.