Hello to the community, I have been taking a part to the Polkadot event yesterday!

I sent some Polkadot to their address and normally I should receive x2 or back the amount which I sent but I nothing received yet.
my transaction has been fully success from my wallet to their address.

Does someone would know
how it’s so long ?
Thanks ahead

Hi Velo,
Unfortunately the “x2” token schemes are scams… I’d recommend you report the scammer’s account and website to exchanges - they may be able to freeze funds if they try to send them there. Other than that, you can try to propose a referendum that the majority of stakeholders reverse the transaction. Sorry for your loss of funds.

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Thanks I’m :cry:
And I don’t know How I could ask to cancel this transaction I losted 100 DOT
I reported to scam report but I don’t what could I do next

I’m sorry my friend! The number of scams has surged in the past few weeks.

You would have to propose a referendum to the Polkadot community. Then, your referendum would have to be seconded more than other proposals this month. If it’s seconded the most, it would go to a community vote. In the past, force transfers have failed by a wide margin (95%+ nay). So it would be something of a long shot, I’m afraid to say. If you’d like to give it a try, here is a guide for proposing a referendum.

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I’m feel so stupid and so sad. Thank you very much for your fast reply windylion


You’re not stupid! Anyone could make the same mistake. Good luck and take care friend!!