Parachains & Threadchains: Availability

Hi, I’m interested in setting up a parathread, eventually, perhaps, considering a parachain.

I’m trying to find out whether these options are available already, or if not, when are they planned to be activated.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @tonimateos thanks for your question!

For this question I would refer to this October 5th Polkadot blog post. which discusses parachain mechanics (but not a specific release date)

Also I can link this quote also from the polkadot blog, talking about the Bitcoin bridge, currently in testing, which will seek a parachain slot when parachains go live:

“A first Alpha testnet is scheduled for November 2020 and a feature-ready Beta testnet will be launched in January 2021 . Once the audit of the code base is completed in February 2021 and parachains are enabled on Polkadot and Kusama, the BTC Parachain will go live: first on Kusama, then on Polkadot mainnet.”

So I’m not sure there is a definitive answer as to a set date, however there is significant testing happening, and I don’t think we should expect a long delay for mainnet launch. I hope others will weigh in if they know more. As always, the best source of information to Polkadot feature roll out will be core devs via their official channels such as Twitter, the Polkadot Blog, Riot chat, etc.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot @windylion. I’ll dig into the links provided, and have a look at the Riot chat too.

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