Open Discussion - Polkadot 2021 Growth Strategy

Here we are on this brand-shiny-new unprecedented Polkadot blockchain technology that has it’s own ability to self-govern.

There’s a lot happening in our ecosystem, but I see a need for cohesion and organization to tie our disparate activites together.

As we head into the New Year, I pose the following question to the community; to folks of all backgrounds; technical persuasions; folks who core-devs and those who are new to the network:

What should our strategy for growing as a network be in the year ahead?

As a simple stakeholder in the ecosystem who wants to see Polkadot succeed, I invite all to use this thread as a space to share and discuss!!


this could be a gigantic question to tackle. wonder if Polkadot team follows any strategic framework in the past few years? “how to grow” is always the million-dollars-question to most businesses, and i believe it might be easier to facilitate the discussion by shaping it with certain framework, one that could be broken down by verticals such that different aspect of a network might develop towards a common goal coherently.

A following step would be the tactics to enable the development of each vertical, and corresponding metrics for monitoring. I will elaborate more with examples but generally a 1-to-many vertical-tactics and subsidiary 1-to-many tactic-metric structure.

Presuming Polkadot team has no or not-yet decide any priority yet, here’s my two-cents that we might identify for a blockchain technology:

  1. Businesses utilization
    Emphasize on actual business use cases that might facilitate chain usages. things include develop more Defi capacity, enable more cross-chain services, onboarding players in traditional markets (e.g. VISA, PAYPAL) would fall in this category. sample tactics:
  • +XX new Defi protocol through incubation funding
  • cover top XX% Layer 1 & Layer 2 blockchain in 2021
  • +X payment gateway / banks / financial insitutes to be onboarded with DOT (e.g. DBS SG is having their exchange soon)
  1. Technical enablement
    a vertical that emphasize on innovations, developer trainings/enablement, broadening community spectrum etc.
  • +XX DOTs in funding pool for early-stage teams / academic researches acceleration.
  • enter academic domains and fund undergraduates on Polkadot projects
  • train XX developers in Substrate / Ink! through official programes
  • +X languages translated for Polkadot wiki
  • certify reputable entities / teams on code audit for network stability
  1. Value growth
    basically the growth of store of value of DOT, the liquidity vol. (locked or floating) in the network, mass utilization (transactions, wallet holders, etc.), with respect to traditional fiats or BTC. in other words, this pillar focus on growth of economic value of Polkadot network.
  • enable more cross-chain bridge with collateral pool that support stability between DOT and other store of values instruments.
  • mass education & customers acquisition programs
  • partnership with ecommerce and/or payment gateway to drive mass usage (e.g. Cardano is working with Shopify)
  • pitch to traditional fund manager to use DOT as portfolio for financial usage
  • official UXUI supports to early-stages Polkadot firms
  1. do add-on if any other pillars you think are important to DOT growth.

Generally i think ideas could be limitless, but guess we all need something to start with, and i think Polkadot team may need to weigh in on what or which specific direction that they might have already prioritized.

hopefully this writeup before my business meetings might spark some followup discussion. Have a nice holiday and an early happy new year.

Stay Healthy & Cheers,


Hi, I agree mostly with skelneko.
I think if projects on polkadot are able to grain traction among users, then the value of the network will grow. So the main aim for the polkadot network to remain relevant is to keep it attractive for developers and users.

  1. Social network effects among developers -->> social network effects among users
  2. Secure, fast transaction speed and low fees, functional ect. -->> back to 1.
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Hello everyone!
Maybe can I be useful as a Product Designer for Polkadot community?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Kippen @skelneko !! I’m looking forward to seeing how this thread continues to evolve as more add their voices.

Hey @martinmarker thanks for weighing in! I’m sure your skills could be put to good use…

One idea that comes to mind is Polkadot merchandise. Do you do that kind of product design?

Other news: does everyone know about the re-branding currently happening?

Polkadot on twitter just tweeted there is a survey open until January 31st:

Studio Koto is soliciting feedback from network stakeholders. I hope everyone will share their vision for the future of Polkadot! This is an opportunity to help shape the new brand which will be a defining part of Polkadot’s public image for years to come.

Yes, I can design merchandise wear, but I think Koto Studio will do this work within rebranding