Only inactive validators after nomination

Hello folks,
like its written in the headline the validators i nominated never bond my coins. But first things first.

In the beginning it works like a charme and one day i didnt get rewards anymore, so i nominated the validators again. After that, the status never changed to active. The only status i got is inactive or waiting. I tryed this many times with the same result. I tryed to unblond my coins, transfered it to an exchange to get new coins and bonded them again. No change.

Sidefacts: i have round about 142 coins. I used always the max count of validators while nomination and i changed them every time. I waited a long time before retry.

Has anybody a hint or solution? What can i do?

Kind regards

The reason you are no longer receiving rewards is likely due to the fact that your stake has fallen below the “Minimum Active Bond”, which is ~237 DOT as of today, causing your stake to not be included in the active set. This is a fluctuating value, and is dependent on the demand for nominating.

For those with less than the minimum active bond that are looking to nominate DOT and earn rewards, Nomination Pools are now available and are likely your best option. This means that instead of nominating the validators yourself, you can join a pool which nominates validators on behalf of everyone in the pool.

There are a few places where one can un-bond their DOT and join a pool, including the Talisman Staking Dashboard, Polkadot Staking Dashboard, and Nova (mobile).

Note: I’m interpreting “142 coins” as 142 DOT tokens.

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This is exactly why, I sincerely hope, all wallets implement something like: Suggest stakers to use nomination pools · Issue #7902 · polkadot-js/apps · GitHub

Ideally we should prevent further “inactive nominators” to be onboarded. @radiolaria which UI did you use?

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