No redeem/lock button


I can’t seem to redeem my DOTs

The account says I have a certain amount locked due to bonding and about the same amount redeemable. But there is no button to redeem it.

The help says this:

  • redeemable : The funds that can get redeemed, e.g made available for withdrawal, by clicking on the “lock” icon.

I can’t see any lock-icon

Hello @CryptoStarter , sorry you’re having trouble claiming DOTs. Sounds like these are DOTs you purchased in a pre-sale? Here is a good step by step guide for claiming DOTs from the pre-sale. Can you let us know if it solves your issue or if you need further assistance trouble shooting? Thanks

According to the presale was before June 30.

I bought mine through Binance at the end of august, so I don’t think this is my problem

I found the solution.

I was missing an account. I had removed an account I used when setting up staking(controller or stash, not sure). When I added that through the mnemonic the lock icon appeared and I was able to redeem my DOTs

I must admit I haven’t fully understood the roles of the different account and why they are necessary, but I have learned my lesson. Hope this is help full for others that might do the same as I did.

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Glad to hear you figured it out!! :+1:t2: