New Treasury Proposal — Polkadot ecosystem news aggregator

Greetings to all the DOT holders… I’ve been thinking we need a Polka/Kusama news aggregation website, optimized for mobile distribution, with great branding and catchy name — I went ahead and bought, sounds catchy…

To fund this project, I’m willing to spend a few thousand dollars, but to do it right — I would need some branding help and various other tasks. Maybe we can do it as a DAO.

Anyway, just want to gauge the community interest on this potential proposal, and align stakeholders that want to participate.


PolkaAssembly discussion:


Additional proposals can be made for specific Public Relations campaigns… targeted towards a specific industry that Polkadot can promote itself to. For example, we can hire local PR firms to localize the news in a particular city that has the target corporation. Like Memphis and FedEx, and press release will focus on how Polkadot can improve supply chain, logistics, trade finance, commodity exchanges, etc… Memphis would be much easier to get a story out than, NY for example.

Hello! Interesting idea - like it! Currently I’m getting my news from reddit, twitter, google, medium, etc. It would be nice to have a single source…

If I were trusting a single source It would be important for me to know it was a democratic. In other words if a small group of folks were running it, I would wonder what their biases are. Reddit is great as a democratic source, although often discussions are representing only a small number of voices anyway. However information posted there is out in the open for the scrutiny of all. I figure if a story is important enough, the right perspectives will come to the table.

An aggregate news site like the one you propose would need to offer some of these guarantees for me to trust it, I think. What if it was built on a smart contract? So we could examine the code?

For instance, it’s programmed to web crawl x, y, and z news sites and clone articles regardless of article content? Maybe there’s an algorithmic provision for highlighting or delving deeper into articles that the web crawler finds more coverage for - whether in a given day or over a period of time. The more the topic shows up (as detected perhaps by a key word program) the more likely articles on it will get a front-page slot, or something.

What do you think?