My Polkadot funds lost on , because of Ledger nano X


I had logged into with my hard wallet Ledger nano.

The website had recommend to install its browser extension for Chrome, so I did this also:

I have set up 2 wallets on

  1. The first was referred to the Chrome extension
  2. The second wallet was 100% referred to my Ledger. I hit the button “Add via Ledger” and added a wallet in which I sucessfully transferred all my funds. So this wallet was active.

There is something very strange. Whenever I transferred funds from this second wallet (referred with my Ledger nano X device) , I never needed to confirm the transactions with my Ledger nano X device.

This phenomen is also deccribed here in this video:

Some days ago, I unistalled the Polkadot Chrome extension and I never saved the seed of this Chrome extension.

I thought this doesn’t matter, because all my Polcadot funds are saved on Ledger.

Now I cannot find my second Polcadot wallet on when I access with my Ledger nano device. What is this Ledger nano device for, when this doesn’t even store my private keys??

Hi @Polta, welcome to the forum, sorry you’re having trouble with your ledger and the polkadot.js UI.

Please, ALWAYS save your seed phrase. There is no centralized instituion, no customer support, etc, to restore your account if your wallet has a glitch. Only your seed phrase can do that.

What’s being described here is a controller account. This is what you set up with the polkadot.js chrome extension. It is used to control simple actions like staking and governance (voting). Having a controller account is a convenience feature. It means you don’t need to confirm everyday/mundane transactions with your ledger, only important ones i.e. balance transfers.

That said, you can bond/unbond your DOT with your controller account. If your DOTs are bonded, you can’t transfer them without issuing a command to unbond them from your controller account. I hope you didn’t bond them! If you didn’t bond your DOTs, I would recommend the following:

Transfer your DOTs to “staging” account.
Wipe your ledger
Create a new account on your ledger (Write down seed phrase. Never take a photo of seed phrase or store it on any device that will ever be connected to the internet)
Transfer DOTs back to ledger
Create a new controller account (Write down seed phrase)
Link the new controller account to your ledger and use it to take care of daily transactions like staking and voting.

Hello windylion,

thanks so much for your response.

I hope you didn’t bond them!

I don’t know whether I had bond them or not. I just followed the instructions given by the YouTube-Tutorial
Can you please tell me whether my funds are bond or not.

Transfer DOTs back to ledger

I cannot yet transfer my Polkadot back to ledger, because my Polkadot wallet completely disappeared. When I login into my Ledger wallet (that has my funds) disappeared

Here is a screenshot that illustrates my issue/problem:

I recommend adding your ledger to the polkadot.js UI again, the same way you added it the first time. Then you’ll be able to see if your funds are indeed still on your ledger or if you transferred them to your controller account. If they are on your ledger, you will be able to see whether they are bonded or free to transfer.