Ledger X connection problem


So I brought some DOT yesterday on Binance and natually I want to move it off there, so I set up a wallet here: Unable to reset the device, All went well used the Add ledger button eyc and was able to send the funds to the wallet.

There proced to test that everything was working, left the site came back and clicked Add ledger selected account type 0 for both addrfess, the same I used to setup.clicked save.

The problem is now keep getting the following error “Unable to reset the device.”

I have cleared browser cache, tried in both Brave and Chrome and still the same error.

I am logged in on my ledger and have the Polkadot app loaded, I have the latest firmware and software, still no joy :frowning:

I see my DOT in my wallet on the polkadot sub scan so I know they are there, just cant get my ledger to connect.

Any ideas help appricated.



ok seemed to have fixed it myself, I tried another PC with Brave browser worked straight away. Very strange.

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Glad it worked out! Not sure why the first browser didn’t work. Maybe try clearing your cache?