Is the `offences-pallet` being used for slashing and why?

I saw that Polkadot is using the offences-pallet in its runtime ( I have a couple of questions regarding this pallet:

  1. Is this pallet part of the slashing mechanism used by Polkadot?
  2. Are there any security risks if you were to remove the slashing policy on the Polkadot network? (if yes then what are the security issues?)
  3. Can I build my own chain on Substrate with GRANDPA and BABE without using the offences-pallet?

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I was unable to find these answers elsewhere. Hope to have some insight on this.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi there! thanks for the questions. You might find someone who can answer them here but I think it’s more likely you will find someone on the Riot chat - core devs often hang there. Also maybe check the Substrate Tutorials hub … might be useful info there. Good luck!!

Thanks for the reply!
I will go to the Riot chat then :slight_smile: