Is it possible to be elected as a nominator with less than 150 dots?

I started checking out dots recently and it really piques my interest! I have been nominating a few (16) validators. However, I noticed that my nomination has not been applied to any validator. Most of them are in the active validator set.
I don’t have many dots myself so I tested the water with 20. After another quick look, I realised that all the nominators in the active set have at least 150dots.
Hence, the question, can I get really nominate with less than 150 dots? Or is there something in documentation which I missed?


I like to know this, too.

I read in an 8 days old post that the minimum differs from time to time and 8 days ago it was 60-100 dot.

Hi @bark welcome to the forum! To see the current minimum DOT requirement for nominating, please check out this community-developed tool. Let us know if you have any other questions! @nikomatic ^^

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Hi @windylion,

Thanks for the response! Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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