I cannot find my wallet


Im a newbe so excuse my ignorince but,
On the 14/02 / 2021 I transferred Polkadot tokens to a web wallet using my ledger hardware wallet keys . my record show that I transferred from Kraken to a polkwallet/ledger. However when I started looking for the web wallet I cannot see a Polkwallet download on my desktop or my laptop and I can’t find a web wallet that supports ledger . I suspect it is a polkadot-js wallet but i cannot open it using my ledger Nano s. Can someone give me instructions how to open polkadot-js ? ledger wallet please?
can you help me please? maybe I’m missing something?

thank you

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Hey @stephen welcome to the forum, So two ways to control DOT on a ledger are through the polkadot.js UI and through the Ledger Live app. Tutorials for setting up both are here. Can you let us know if one of these apps solves your issue? Cheers, let us know if you have any other questions.


thankyou, So it’s not on my ledger live. So
I’m not sure if I opened a wallet with polkadot.js UI / Ledger. ( my written records say ‘polkwallet/ledger’) I am trying to open polkadot.js UI now, but it does not seem to open on my Windows desktop? it keeps initializing with a wheel turning and I keep getting the message ‘Waiting to make a connection to the remote endpoint and finishing API initialization.’
any ideas to help?

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Hey @stephen
Sounds like you’re trying to connect to a polkadot.js node? These do not boot on your local machine; they are web servers provided for free as a service to the community (or sometimes paid for by treasury funds) It may have been the case the node you were trying to connect to was temporarily unavailable.

To try connecting to an alternative endpoint, please follow the steps in this video the Polkadot Youtube channel incidentally just released today (apparently there have been issues with one of the nodes).

Can you let me know if this was your issue connecting to the polkadot.js UI?

hi Andrew
So, I have got a bit further, I got onto the Polkadot -js, connected my ledger. but zero balance in the wallet.
the only other thing I can think it may be, That it was my other ledger I had downloaded Polkadot on the first time( not sure if that makes a difference). I will try that later.
Have you any other ideas as to what I may have done or has gone wrong. I have £1000 transferred from Kraken acc on my history there.
Thanks for your help so far. very much appreciated.

Hi @stephen
Glad you were able to connect to polkadot.js. If you don’t find your funds on your other ledger you could look up the account to which you withdrew your funds from Kraken on a blockchain explorer such as polkascan. Simply copy/paste the address shown in your Kraken account into the search field. This would show your the definitive transaction history of the account.

Hi Andrew
Just got around to doing that just now, but when on the blockchain polkascan and i copy-paste the address in the search field, nothing happens, it does not appear to search? maybe my technical inabilites showing again?