How to get a blockchain idea to totally disrupt and destroy a powerful traditional industry developed on polkadot?

I am not an engineer or software developer but I embrace all that is blockchain. The two main programs I believe that have the best roadmap and network building for the future is Polkadot and Cardano.

How can I find help or the right people (tech/devs) to help me with a proposal to completely disrupt and improve one (maybe more) current and long-standing industry that definitely has been in need of changing for decades? An industry that continues to rely and based on centralized, powers-that-be monopoly rather than giving the rightful power and decision making to the people?

I have the idea and the “business/organizational” plan but I need help with the tech framework in making it happen.

Any direction or suggestions would be appreciated!

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How to get ideas, dont try too hard, maybe start by thinking about the business model rather than the tool that you will use.

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