How Do You Pay Polkadot's 1 Dot Activation Fee

I acquired 10 DOT Tokens on Changelly and sent them to my Trust Wallet. Received This message in Trust Wallet: “Polkadot network requires a one time fee of 1 DOT for account activation.” Read material at that link tho I certainly didn’t understand it or how it applied to my situation. How Do You Pay Polkadot’s 1 Dot Activation Fee?

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Hey @bfr2u welcome to the forum! I haven’t used trust wallet before, but I assume they are talking about the existential deposit which is a feature Polkadot uses to reduce chain “bloat,” more info here. You may be able to create an trust wallet account if you deposit any number higher than 1 DOT. As you probably know, always do DD when choosing a wallet, there’s a few good read me’s pinned at the top of the Trust Wallet Reddit Good luck!