Has Polkadot Mainnet Launched Or is that Yet to Happen?

Hey there, I was reading the Polkadot website and I’m trying to understand whether or not Polkadot has launched the mainnet yet, or whether that is still yet to happen.

For instance, I see right on the homepage:

But there is also this verbiage on the roadmap page, which says that the genesis block will launch in mid-2020:

Has Polkadot already launched or are those items in the roadmap still yet to be done?

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Ah, I just found in the Wiki:

It looks like it’s gotten all the way to the last step:

It would be great to have this reflected in the roadmap on the website. To have little green checkmark circles on the completed items in the roadmap would be really easy to do and would mean a lot from an info and user experience standpoint.


Hey @zicklag!

Great idea about there needing to be a clearer indication of the roll-out stage. I agree the information on Polkadot’s website is confusing. Glad you were able to ultimately find the info you were looking for, but it should be a lot easier, in my opinion.

So Polkadot is in the middle of a re-branding process and I expect they will be re-doing the main website as a part of that. The conversation around the re-brand is happening right now at polkassembly (currently the main governance discussion site for the network). Web 3 Foundation reached out to a number of professional design companies to do the re-brand, but are wanting the research or “immersion” phase to be as community-driven as possible. I’d be glad to see you join in the conversation over there; you’re obviously perceptive and have a insightful way of sharing your thoughts.

Hope to see you there!!


That’s great, thanks for the info @windylion ! I may or may not make it over to polkassembly, but if I do I’ll check it out. :smiley:

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