[Governance] Polkadot & Kusama, Step by Step Guide & Resources

note: This is work in progress

Learning Resources

Voting for Council Candidates

  1. Visit polkadotJs and ensure you are exploring the right network by clicking on the network logo in the top left of your window

  1. In the polkadotJs explorer navigate to the Council Tab
  2. Click on the Vote button in the top right of your window

  1. In the council candidates list, select desired governance member that you want to represent your option in the council.

Input amount of KSM to vouch for the selected candidacy. If you do not see your candidate or your list is too long, you can input the address of your candidate directly into the filter textbox, for example: HhJmUDmUjsgQmypNJvt1RU3tHAJPe2hY5hiWc4Gv2RNwVXg (S0FTMACHINE) on the Kusama Network

Click submit and sign the transaction