Game Token For Gaming Platform


We Are Creating a gaming platform and we wanna create a Token for it Based on

Polkadot Blockchain but we have a problem we want to create our token stable that not
increase than 1 and not decrease than 1 , We need it just only 1 .

we need our token to publicly tradable and stable at the same time to be

a medium of exchange to all games in our platform without any volatility in its value

Can you help us to create a Token based Plokadot Chain with this feature ?

I Hope you Can Help . Thanks

Hi @Larry ! Welcome to the forum and thanks for you questions.

Sounds like you want to creating a gaming platform that uses a stablecoin as it’s token?

And you’re looking at Substrate as a platform to build on?

Seeing as Substrate allows low-level custimization, I think this should be accomplish-able. The exact “how” I can’t tell you specifically as I’m not a dev. Possibly an API to an existing stablecoin?

In any case, as a starting point I recommend taking a look at which offers step by step guides to building a blockchain Substrate. Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions!