Dot transfer problem

Hi guys. Have 1 dot on my wallet, previously have tried to send it to another account that was empty. Didn’t go through, was told it’s because any dot account should have at least 1 dot to exist. Got it. This time am sending that same 1 dot to the address that already has 1.1 dot on it!!! Still the same stupid message pops up saying that acc balance too low, can’t make the transfer! Why? Yeah I know that my balance will fall to zero and get deleted, and I don’t care about it just need to send it out, that’s it! Even tried to send 0.98, so as the rest 0.02 goes for commission, still no result… tried with fearless wallet, imtoken wallet,… does anyone have a clue whats going on here? Is there any way I can move this God damn it 1 shitty dot to other acc? Thanks in advance to you all


Hi @Jems91 :wave:t4:

I’ve definitely been frustrated by the learning curve in the space as well. The crypto world is bizarro making tough stuff simple and simple stuff painfully difficult. I haven’t encountered your specific problem but I found a couple possible solutions. Given this post is a little old I hope you got it resolved. If you haven’t at least rest easy that your DOT should have gone up a little more than 2x since then.

For anyone else who may run into this challenge check with your wallet and they may have an FAQ or support page on this.

If you have an Exodus wallet they have a page here: Polkadot FAQs - Learn more about DOT - Exodus Support

If you have a Trust Wallet check here: How to Create and Activate your Polkadot (DOT) Wallet - Basics - Trust Wallet

I read on a forum of a workaround from Atomic wallet which imports the wallet via link (Web Multi-currency Wallet | Guarda) to guarda wallet but I cannot vouch for that method as it was just on another random reddit page. I try to go to primary sources as much as possible. I hope those two previous links from Trust Wallet & Exodus help.

I read that Polkadot blockchain does not allow accounts with less than 1 DOT or they will be burned. I wonder when the community will have to revisit this rule as DOT gains in value.

Good luck all

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