Do you know a one-stop shop forum/website/Discord to meet validators/collators in the ecosystem?

Hi Guys,

I’m from Bifrost team, doing liquid staking stuff we need to speak with validators/collators and reach them for specific topics we have or governance.

Does someone know a very good place where you can be in touch quite easily with a lot of node runners actors in the ecosystem ?

It’s painful to reach them 1 by 1 one, on the information is spread on every specific Discord channels (1 for Kusama, 1 for Moonbeam etc etc…)

Thx in advance.

Hi, Thomas. I think @will, our Head of Validators, may have a better answer for this.
But I recommend you to try visiting DOT Alliance Discord Channel to meet the eco-vali/collators.
(I’m sure you will see many familiar faces there)

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Thx for the tip my friend !!