Discussions on improving the current treasury spending/management mechanism

A separate payout bounty for each proposal sounds nice in theory but I suspect would be hard in practice due to the difficulty and time effort involved in finding suitable curators.

I suspect we would land somewhere in the middle between the two extremes where we would have several payout bounties processing a few proposals each?

The idea of having a curation community is certainly interesting and ties in with @bLd’s point above. Difficulty here of course being that we find enough reliable/trustworthy curators for this community.

The use of proxies also seems interesting. However, perhaps bounties still provide more oversight for token holders? This would be foregone through the use of proxies.

Thanks for this input. Very curious to hear more opinions on this!

Based on the current capacity of the community we could issue a different amount of accounts to be used for payouts. E.g. if the community is only 6 curators it issues say 2 proxies, meaning only two proposals can be processed in parallel and leaves room for randomizing the selection. As the community grows it will have room for processing more proposals in parallel, also overtime its members will have time to prove themselves and gain enough reputation so the community can consider using the services of the curation community for more serious governance tacks like big spender or treasurer.
The whole process can be made very transparent if automated with code in the form of a simple bot connected to different channels like Matrix or the governance forums. Once the idea is validated and the community is happy with the results it would be even more transparent as we can move the curator community and its selection system on-chain.

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You’re proposing a $4K monthly payment for curators of a new unnecessary bounty, how do you expect it’s going to turn?
Bounties are working fine with their own curators, you’d better look at what exists (which was the original intention of this post) to see how it works before proposing alone to reinvent the wheel.
Sorry I won’t comment more this non sense.

I am personally well convinced seeing all your suggestions and pretty well sure that your ideas: if put in place, will help foster development in the ecosystem.

Im very pleased with this well structured and transparent proposal.:100::100: