Delegation and Gobernance

Just a couple of beginner questions.

I am getting started with Polkadot. So far I managed to get some tokens, setup a delegation ,etc.

Now I am starting to read about the community, and would like to participate somehow.

One question that comes up, is it possible to vote for proposals when your DOT are delegated to a validator?

Another question, is, if your DOT are cold stored, how can you vote on proposals?

So far I am using the Airgap wallet, but looks like if I want to participate in governance I will need something else, is that correct?

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Hey @rvalle welcome to the forum! that’s awesome you want to participate in governance. Currently the main hubs for governance are and the community discord

Yes! The same tokens that are bonded in staking can be bonded in democracy actions. Please check out this guide for more info.

You can use your air gapped cold storage wallet to sign democracy transactions, or if you want to add another layer of security you can set up a proxy account. More info here.

Let us know if you have other questions, and welcome aboard!

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Well sounds really good. Will try to participate.

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