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Six and I were classmates at the founders track for PBA in Hong Kong. There is much I have to say about Six and his unique character, but I will try to keep it short.

I was working on a decryption project with Harold when Six abruptly joined us after just arriving to Cyberport from the airport. He asked us what we were working on and then began providing solutions to decrypting the message. This accurately sums up the nature and character that is Six. He is a problem solver and goes hard in everything he does. Asking him one day “How did you get so good at hacking”, his reply, “You work through the pain”. This response has burned a deep mark in my memory :laughing: Of all the people I’ve met in my life, Six truly stands out, which also explains why he has such an expansive network supporting him. He is knowledgeable yet affable and diplomatic in his behavior. Six makes a valuable ally and not really someone that you would want to make enemies with.

I dont have any doubt that he will change the world in some significant way in the near or far future. He has my full support in any venture his partakes in and also has me as a life long friend.

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That was an epic way to meet and get connected! I really appreciate your words and that you shared our story at the beginning. Glad we met!

Thank you very much and see you very soon in the next big event!