DOT/KSM functionality

I am an active user, managing my staking directly through the .js interface, voting since shortly after the launch and have ploughed through much journalistic information on the network with great zeal, so i apologise that i am not starting this with a link, but i have seen an official team statement that noted the listing of Polkadot and Kusama on (“” = “cDc” from here on) with some degree of team pride.

i celebrated by making a purchase immediately on the cDc platform (app… not exchange).

as a cDc Private member, i do seem to get reasonable customer response when i enquire to staff, so very shortly after my DOT/KSM purchases on cDc, i had reason to be in contact with them to discuss the withdrawal status for the DOT/KSM coins. they indicated to me that this would be actioned ASAP.

at time of writing, this is still an unresolved “to do” for the team at cDc. i am a very loyal cDc customer, but, equally, as a keen advocate and participant in both Polkadot and Kusama Networks, so i was a little disappointed that their fanfare at offering DOT and KSM was thus marginalised. as i actively manage my staking of DOT and KSM, the disappointment also contains that flavour of annoyance as i am aware of the returns that i could be making off these assets that i am holding on my cDc account.

i am a pragmatic cryptocurrency investor so i can be understanding, but i am also astute enough to realise that such issues could negatively impact on both cDc and upon the chains. i am a qualified software tester that would be fairly described as a “cryptocurrency maximalist”, so i am very aware that there are a lot of crypto-novices in accumulation within the cDc ecosystem, that do not yet have the understanding to inform their opinions and actions

the cDc Exchange is advertising two rapidly approaching Polkadot promotions, which infers to me that this impasse may soon be breached.

perhaps this functionality will be launched to coincide with their “syndicate” event… if so, it has yet to be heralded in their blog.

i had some very nervous moments and experiences (unfortunately, personally very costly) in the lead up to the Polkadot go-live, so i am reticent to see others subjected to the same dramatic crescendo that i was subject to as a secondary buyer of the promissory DOT tokens on an exchange. i perceive that many newcomers to the chain may see the upcoming events as an opportunity to make a FOMO inroad into the Polkadot ecosystem. a few will be spooked by the disconnection between the offerings and the current cDc functionality for the tokens.

this may be off the radar of the Polkadot Development Team, as there are likely only a few cDc customers that are well aware of the staking opportunities that are available for the DOT/KSM assets. perhaps some engagement with cDc from Polkadot Developers could be helpful, especially if the functional issues within the cDc ecosystem that i am bringing to the forum are representative of a unexpected progress update for the team.




Hey Andy, thanks for weighing in. Glad to hear your enthusiasm about polka/ksm. I echo your sentiment having leafed through substantial documentation you arrive at a place where the technology is something you want to shout from the rooftops but so many can’t see past the bad image from the '18 crypto bubble or if they can, look at it as just another speculative way of self-serving because they lose heart at the high bar of dense technical literature. Anywayyyy

Trying to grasp your message: Are you having a funds withdrawal issue with I sympathize with you but this forum will most likely not be helpful if so. They will have a customer service dept and that will probably be your only means to resolve.

Best of luck, stay in touch!!


Dear Andy,

I am just an ordinary member of Polka community, and a client of as well. Just wanted to say I am feeling for you as i am in same situation as you are. I have pursased some Dot as soon as they have been available on (more than a motnh ago) and the withdraw is frozen. But you dont have to worry.
From my experience I can say that on this company crypto wallet withdraws on new listed coins or tokens are available after each syndicate event is over. This is their model. You can buy a lot different tokens or coins from their app, you can sell them for fiat throught the app, but you cannot withdraw them to a wallet unless the official listing is finished at their exchange. And this official listing is happening every time after the syndicate event regarding each token is finished. I participated at at least 5 syndicates till now and i can assure you that this is how it happened all the time. Please go and check the app and their exchange. Check Dot, it is not available for trading on their exchange, but it is on the app. Same with Zilliqua, Celr and many others. Do some search and you will see i am right. So no worries untill next syndicate is over.
And moreover dont worry about Dot and KSM reputation. Both are so strong projects that will be on top 3 in 1-2 years from now. Specially Dot.

I apologise to any moderator or member if I am breaking any rules with my reply as i am writing for a company outside Polka ecosystem , just wanted to help. If I am breaking any rules please delete my message and accept my apologies!!

Best regards,


Hey my friend,
DOT withdraw is open at Just got my DOTs from there to the mainnet for staking!


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:wink: good about DOT…
just KSM now.

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