Connect Ledger / trying to avoid beginner mistakes

I want to receive DOT on my Ledger Nano S.

…and of course, some day I also will want to send DOT, but would not like to come to this forum only on that day with trouble accessing my coins :slightly_smiling_face:
So I hope, you could help me to avoid bigger mistakes right at the beginning, when setting up my account. (I mean Polkadot specific things - of course I know how to backup the Ledger.)
And I only plan to receive/send DOT very seldomly.

I already installed Chrome extension. Display address format: “Polkadot Relay Chain”.

Inside the Chrome extension I will not create an account. (I guess that means, that I will have no controller account.)

Settings on the website interface (

  • I change Manage hardware connections to “Attach Ledger via WebUSB”
  • I leave address prefix on “Default for the connected node”

Accounts on the website interface (

  • I click on “add via Ledger”

  • name: Not important, I can change that later, if I like

  • account type: “Account type 0”

  • address index: “Address index 0”
    (I have no clue, what these last two entries do)

  • So after that, there is only one account in the list of the website interface. And the type of account is “ledger”.

  • There is no need to make any backups of the website interface / chrome. All backups I need is the standard Ledger backup.

Does all sound reasonable?

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Hey @umosora! welcome to the forum.

If by backup you mean writing down the seed phrase and keeping it offline, correct. You should have already done that when you set up your Ledger.

If you want to have extra confidence navigating the polkadot.js UI, I recommend setting up your ledger on Westend (public testnet with same code as Polkadot/Kusama), request tokens at the faucet, and mimic all the actions you plan to do on Polkadot there first.

The last thing I’d recommend if you plan to do staking or voting with your DOT is to set up a controller for your stash account for added security and convenience.