Compatible hardware wallet for parachain crowdloans?

Hello forum,

I am inspired and impressed by the ambitions of the Polkadot ecosystem, thanks for the hard work.

I’m looking after to participate on the firsts parachains auctions, like Karura/Acala. But to my understanding for the moment the only compatible wallet is polkadot.{js} browser extension. And a Ledger isn’t suited to the way crowdloan are set up. Like mentioned on Acala Discord post.

I’m not confident using a hot wallet for a crowdloan (knowing the duration and amount involved).

Do you know if any hardware wallet manufacturer has planned any kind of support?

In the case there will be no hardware/cold wallet solution. What will be the recommended way to manage the private key and seed in the context of participation at a parachain crowdloan?

  • Using the polkadot web extension.{Js} on a freshly installed dedicated operating system (live linux distro), and saving the encrypted accounted (json file) on a USB stick?
  • Or, using a tool like signer-cli to sign the transaction on an offline computer? (but it’s maybe error prone!)

Thanks for any response.

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