Coding or Programming Language for Polkadot

Hi. I am new to Polkadot community. Joined after attending virtual Polkadot India Launch a few days ago.
My query: Is Polkadot having any own coding/programming language e.g. solidity for ethereum and plutus for Cardano. If yes, please do let me know. Thanks.

Hi & welcome! Yes Polkadot has a modular framework called Substrate which can be used for building & deploying parachains, dapps, and sovereign blockchains using custom or pre-built components.

Thanks windylion for responding. I should learn what this “modular framework Substrate”. I presume this is not another coding/programming language.

I’m working on learning it also! My understanding is it is a open source, open license repository, that is to say ready-made “code blurbs” for building blockchains. You can plug and play modules for different aspects of a blockchain: consensus mechanisms, block time, upgradability, governance, sudo permissions, etc. I believe -although don’t quote me - it’s based primarily on Rust. I found this talk helpful for understanding it a little better.