Claiming dots from ICO

Hi, I participated in the Polkadot ICO and I’ve wrote down a 12 word recovery phrase but now when I’m trying to claim the dots the recovery phrase is not for any ETH wallet as it doesn’t contain words from BIP 39 word list. Hence I’m unable to claim the dots by following the guide on polkadot webpage. Could you please advise how to claim using the mnemonic phrase from ICO ?


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Hi, I had the same issue and it is not a standard mnemonic but a parity phrase used by the ICO.

However, MEW has disabled parity signing back in 2018. There’s a workaround here by using an old parity signer found on Github:

Steps 6-9 solved it for me and I was able to access my ETH account. From there, you can export a private key and use any ETH wallet to sign in that account. Hope it helps!