Cant transfer from ledger to another address

I cant transfer any DOT’s from my ledger address to any other desired address.
The ledger address is not accessible in the “send from account” box .
This was doable before via Add Ledger button and i was able to tranfer my DOT’s that way.
Add LEdger butto has changed to Add via Ledger and its requesting a name and account type

If my type in my ledger account name and type used for the addres the access is denied.

Can someone help please. My DOT’s are stuck and i cant do anything with them .
Thre was no seed needed before (abouth a month or 2 ago) to complete a transfer .
Why has this changed now?


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Hey @Byniol welcome to the forum, sorry you’re having trouble.

It sounds like you want to send funds from your Ledger account and are having issues.

Do you see your ledger account populated in the polkadot.js accounts UI? If so, can you click the “send” button adjacent to the account balance, which will bring up the balance transfer UI?

Screenshot (557)

In the “send to address” field, can you paste whichever address you wish to send to?

The UI should walk you through the rest of the process.

Can you let me know if this solves your problem?

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