Best Exchanges to Buy DOT? Newbie

New to the game and having a hard time finding an exchange that supports DOT. Kraken does, but is giving me fits trying to get an account opened there due to password reset problems they are having.

What’s another reputable exchange that supports DOT?

And why don’t Coinbase and Gemini support it?


Hi @CowboyBill,

Here is the list of exchanges that support DOT:
Polkadot price, DOT price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko.

Be careful. Theses exchanges are subject to cyberattacks.
If you buy tokens, transfer them on a wallet you own the keys.

Here is the list of DOT wallets:
Polkadot Wallets · Polkadot Wiki.

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Thanks so much, @zenoxygen!

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Thanks so much @DanWeiss I will def look into it!

Awesome! Thank you so much.

Question on staking: Can you stake coins and still put them into a cold wallet? Or is the very idea of staking itself that you are leaving your coins on the blockchain in order to earn interest?

Please correct my lingo as needed. Not offended :slight_smile: I want to learn!

Hey Bill

You can use the de-fi app its not exactly like a cold wallet but is secure. However i use the app for interest earn nearly all the time and it is doing very well. There was a time when you saved actual cash in the bank you would be paid interest but now you’re paid nothing except all you have is debt. I suggest go ahead and download the link on your cell phone the app from grand just play around with it and get familiar with it then it it will all make sense to you because there’s a lot there to learn as well. no worries everything is a learning curve in this crypto world for sure. So be sure that you are ahead of the curve even right now.

This was the easiest way to get my wife and my two boys who are 26 and 18 on board with buying selling while learning fast about cryptocurrencies. It’s all about buying and holding dollar cost averaging overtime. The beauty of this is that you can learn while you earn. they are absolutely thrilled because they’re carrying a few grand around in their wallet. There’s no obligation to download it to your phone. there are other sites too that are offering Visa cards but they’re not ready yet such as blockfi but in my opinion crypto dot com has been around for a while and they are all over the world and increasing daily And is the easiest to work with. I move about $2,000 a month from my bank and account and use my crypto Visa debit card and earn CRO back which can be changed into Bitcoin or any other currency. So I guarantee there’s a lot of information out there on the internet but I tell you I’m one happy customer with it especially introducing this crazy world of crypto to my family which took a while to get on board for sure but now they’re thrilled about it.

Take care talk to you again soon DAN

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and effort in explaining this.