Account name change & staking EDG

Hi, I created some new accounts (derived) and named them. They were all showing up in my accounts list correctly. The next day after transferring some EDG into one of them, the account name for that account had changed to a new name, and when I switch from the Edgeware to the Kanary network that same account lost the original name I’d given it and just has the contract address shown. Should I be worried? The account name is still correct in the Polkadot browser extension. My other account names are unaffected.
2nd question about staking-nominating EDG. It says that validators can be automatically chosen based on performance but I do not see this as an option anywhere (only a list of validators to scroll through and manually pick). Will this feature be added (as it is for KSM) soon? Also, how often is it generally recommended to check/change validators? Thank you

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Hey! Under ‘targets’ tab do you see a button at the top right that says ‘Most Profitable’ ? This is what you click to automatically select under this metric. Keep in mind you may be choosing validators with little or no track record, personal stake/skin in the game, and/or public reputation to maintain